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What is VIP ?

VIP is an important user for us , this have some special things , like 10%

Is only one VIP ?

If you talk if is only one rank , no , are 2 , one rank free with only 10% discount for any service and one paid this one had 50% discount for any service , and if they want to bid somewhere their background is marked with other color.

How I can purchase VIP ?

How I saw , are 2 vips , if you want to purchase the free vip you need to had 250 Bits.
In the other part , to purchase Gold VIP you need to donate minimum 4E on our paypal account ( email : [Doar administratorii au dreptul sa vada acest link] ), moneys will be used to get the domain , get more credits , more space.

Why PayPal ?

If you donate first time on forumotion , they will get 2E - 100 points !

What is the diference between Gold VIP and VIP

If you are a Gold VIP you have in first time a discount of 50% on any service and you will get in every 7 days , 20 points , our members get only 1 point per day , 7*1 = 7 so they get only 7 points.

A special section only for our Gold VIP Members where they can talk with staff , first support , special packages , ads and others ( for that they don't get discount )

A group color , with black to be different from other users or any color you want , in special you will get and a rank too.

What make after donate ?

Well , depend what donate you does,  if donate only the points , you will need to fill that form and post here

Name :
Age :
Points :

If you donated 4E you need to fill that form :

Name :
Age :
E-Mail :
Donated :

How much have the VIP

If you have the VIP simple , that is only 2 euro for 1 month , if you donate 6E you will had the premium for 6 months .
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