Promotionbit rules.

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Promotionbit rules.

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1. You are allowed to have only one active account , if you had more , the last will be banned.
2. When you register agree this rules and if you read them and if you don't read , that is your problem .

Before you post
1. Please try to find your problem with "Search" option , don't start to make posts if the problem is solved.
2. Try to see if don't exist a tutorial with your problem.
3. Use the search widget if you have a problem , to find all the texts don't type : Profile punBB , try this +profile +punBB

1. When you create a topic ,don't use colors , they can be used only by staff if is something important.
2. If you request support , your title need to don't look like "Help" , "need code" , "bugs" or something like that , need to cover your problem.

1. Please first time use the Search button from menu and check for other topics like your.
2. The forum official language is English , please write only in English.
3. You aren't allow to does double post ,only with 24h interval from your last post , if someone post after you , can post again but not double time.
4.Bold and colours aren't allowed to be used from our  members , only staff can use when moderate someone.
5. You aren't allowed to off-topic ( gg , nice , cute , etc ) you need to have 5 words minimum.
6. You aren't allowed to use more than 3 smiles in one post.
7. Members can use the italic , underline only if they want to emphasize something.
8. Don't writte all message with Caps Lock. You can writte only few words with Caps Lock, but ONLY if it is really important.

!Avatars size is 96x96px , but when someone press to see your profile is his basic size.
1. You aren't allowed to have avatars with advertise , pornografic content , racist or something else , you will get 2warns !

1.You must deviate 3 times from a rule to get a full warn.
2. If you get 3 warns , you get permanently ban.

*Tip : If you want to see how much warns you have , just look into your profile by pressing your nickname or look at profile from menu.

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